Film Viewer Opinion Paper Essay

The entertainment industry produces many films every now and then but not all these are enjoyable. However, this may be subjective in that it depends on a personal preference since a movie might be liked by one person while the same film might be hated by another.


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Choosing a film to watch may depend on several things some of which are personal. This might depend on the feelings or moods that a person is in at a particular time. Some of the films might trigger a debate from critics and this might raise an interest of wanting to watch it.

Nowadays, such debates are apparent in the social networking sites such as Facebook and for individuals to fit in, they are forced to watch it in order to contribute when interacting with friends. Besides, a movie may rate high and that might also raise an interest in watching it.

Therefore, it is correct to stipulate that if a film attracts a great public interest, it is generally regarded as a good film. All the same, a great film should be in a position to award good entertainment to its viewers (Phillips, 2009).

In choosing a movie, aspects such as the plot and the main actors are taken into account. The plot helps to attract viewer’s attention and without it, it would become useless.

Besides, the soundtracks/music and cinematography adds up to the quality to a film to make it even more interesting. These comprise the visual display and when spectacular scenes are included, then the movie is able to attract viewers.

Most significantly, when the film has one of the favorite actors, it becomes even easier to choose. Good actors are related with good movies. These actors help to make characters in a film and when they blend with them, they are able to create a great film which comes out real to the audience.


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Characters help to build a plot in accordance to a given genre and when they are likeable, the film attracts viewers.

The angle of the film, camera shots, plot style thematic concerns, the direction/edition and character development are some of the aspects that spice up a film once a person begins to watch it. Dialogue also helps the film to become real and with a good script, a film might attract the same viewer continually since it remains alive (Phillips, 2009).

If a film is able to touch the innermost feelings and leaves an individual contemplating about it, then it means that is able to teach, motivate or provoke our emotions. A good film should also be educative and one should learn something new when watching it. It should act as an educative tool and this makes it valuable to the people, who inspire others to watch it.

In addition, a film that reflects the society or real life scenarios enables people to cope with life challenges hence is considered a movie worth watching. All these comprises of the dramatic buildup brought about by the interaction of protagonist with other characters. In my opinion, comedies comprise the best films of all time.

They are able to uplift one’s spirits and relax one’s mind. Additionally, they relate to our social lives and enable one to see rather serious life encounters from a different perspective since they are comically depicted. Therefore, one is able to approach and overcome the challenges with a light touch.


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